For Artists

Do you have questions?

Wish your journey as an artist was easier?

Curious what Jesus Christ might have to do with this?

This course is for you.

Your Guide

International Tap Dance artist and TED Fellow, Andrew Nemr, guides participants in a journey of discovery of spiritual formation and the profound impact art practices have on who we become.

As artists, we are always in the act of formation: crafting sentences, mixing colors, shaping sounds, cultivating audiences. Becoming the artist we want to be. But as we practice our disciplines, how are we being formed?

This course is an introduction to the ideas of spiritual formation in light of the propositions of life of Jesus Christ – additionally considering the unique interaction between art practices and who we are becoming as we create.

Sessions include discussions on spiritual formation and disciplines, artistic practices in both personal and communal, and draws from authors such as Dallas Willard and Makoto Fujimura.

What You Will Learn

Join with fellow artists we explore spiritual formation in light of artistic craft, community, and Jesus Christ.

Session One: Spiritual Formation Basics

Learn a framework for thinking about the inner parts of a person, how spiritual formation works, who gets one and what it is, and examples of spiritual disciplines.

Session Two: Spiritual Formation and Your Art Practice

Through interactive exercises discover how your own art practice has been a part of your spiritual formation.

Session Three: Spiritual Formation and Your Art Community

Consider how sharing your art – with responses from friend and family, engaging with the market, or working at scale – has formed you. Through interactive exercises discover how your own aspirations have been a part of your spiritual formation.

Session Four: Your Spiritual Formation and Jesus Christ

Discover ways of envisioning your art practice as a part of what God is doing with you. Engage your imagination through listening exercises to integrate your spiritual formation into your art practice.

What People Are Saying
The Spiritual Formation for Artists course was a deeply encouraging and edifying experience. I loved discussing with artists of faith the ways that we've been formed by our work.
 Zach O.
Course Participant 
Spiritual Formation for Artists changed the way I think about being an artist in relationship with God. Andrew puts into practice what he's teaching. He is gentle, patient, kind and cares for each student deeply. I found the course open, interactive, and directly applicable to my work and life.
 Sarah E.
Course Participant 
As artists, we are prone to spend our time doing: honing our craft and marketing our work to others. These things are vital, but what we often neglect is considering who we are becoming. Andrew’s course guides us in questions we have forgotten to ask — or have been too afraid to ask. It helped me see my work, and myself, through God’s eyes. I am confident it will do the same for you.
 Nate M.
Course Participant 
Andrew’s course is thought-provoking and has a unique way of approaching what I thought would be a familiar topic. This is a course I could take more than once, as I change and my understanding grows.
 Amy H.
Course Participant 
Andrew's wisdom, relational care, and unique perspective helped me discover what it means to be an artist and a Christian. Simply put, I know myself and the Lord better after taking this course.
 Cody S.
Course Participant 
Three Ways to Engage
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Online Live Cohort
Journey with a group of fellow artists in live online sessions, hosted by Andrew. Get all course materials and live interaction.
In Person
Bring the course to you and your community or team. Empower your group with knowledge of spiritual formation and the arts.
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